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The Advangates of LP Gas (346KB)

Cooking with LP Gas (690KB)

Connecting an LPG Cylinder to a Roll-about Heater (473KB)

Gas is environmentally clean

Gas heats evenly

Gas burns cleanly

Gas is economical and efficient

There is an abundant supply of domestic natural gas

Natural gas is safe

Ray-Mal installs all domestic, commercial and industrial gas appliances and gas systems. We have had an excellent service record for over 40 years across Namibia in hotels, schools, laboratories, restaurants, homes and other institutions.

RAY-MAL ENGINEERING is a member of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa's(LPGSASA) and an approved inspection authoity, registered with the Ministry of Labour, Republic of Namibia.

At a time when more and more strain is being placed on our electricity supplies, LP Gas is an exceptional alternative primary energy source. LP Gas boasts many advantages over electricity, including being more efficient and economical in water and space heating and cooking. It is widely accessible and, unlike electricity, is portable allowing it to provide for a host of other uses.

It is important that the installation of gas and gas appliances is done by a registered gas installer whose work complies to industry and legal standards. This should be followed by regular service and maintenance.