Ray-Mal gas systems installer and hospital furniture supplier
Installations of household, domestic, industrial, medical and hospitality industry gas systems
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Hospital incubators

Ray-Mal has over 40 years of experience in supplying and installing Medical & Industrial Gas and Vacuum Systems for hospitals, hotels, laboratories, schools and other institutions. We have an excellent record to date across Namibia, Angola and beyond our borders.

We maintain and service all our pipelines, equipment and systems. We also supply Hospital Beds, Oxygen Flow Meters, Regulators, Medical Gas Outlet Points, Cylinder Valves, Vacuum Regulators, Medical Gas Manifolds, Theatre Pendants and more more.

Hospital installation Switches
Medical Air Compressed air system

2017: Brand new Medical Vacuum and Compressor Central systems installed at Katatura and Windhoek Central Hospitals

Gas dials Switches
Switches Gas dials
State of the art equipment Medical gas systems
Nitrous Oxide Gas pipe installation